Ledyard Parks & Recreation
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Recreational Facilities

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Colonel Ledyard Park – 21 Blonder’s Blvd., Ledyard – 131.01 acres
</font color> Two baseball fields
Two handball courts
Two basketball courts with lights
Two horseshoe pits
Two tennis courts
2.5 miles of walking trail
One large play area
Gazebo with flag pole
One soccer field with lights
One 50x100’ pavilion with lights, electricity, tables and a large cooking grill

Judge Crandall Complex – 1864 Route 12, Gales Ferry – 1.2 acres
</font color> Picnic tables
Concession and restroom building
One football field with lights
Two minor league baseball field, one with lights

Clark’s Field – Purdy fields  Town Farm Road, Ledyard – 12 acres
</font color> soccer fields with lights

Pfizer’s Field – 215 Stoddards Wharf Road, Gales Ferry – 14.38 acres
</font color> This land is leased by the Town and currently has one Babe Ruth field, one tee ball field, one softball field and playground apparatus. The entire area is fenced.

Highland’s Lake – 639 Shewville Road, Ledyard – 17.3 acres
</font color> Since assuming ownership of this area, swings, a playground set, a small pavilion, picnic tables, cooking grills and fencing have been added. During the spring of 2006, three water aerators were installed and the beach officially opened in June 2006.  

Sawmill Park – 172 Iron Street (Route 214), Ledyard – 11.07 acres
</font color> This part is under the jurisdiction of the Conservation and Parks and Recreation Commissions. The Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for half of the pond and the back and front areas. The back area is scheduled for picnics and weddings. The pond is not used due to insufficient water supply, which led to the curtailment of all swimming activities in the mid-70’s.

Donahue Property – Winthrop Road, Gales Ferry - .89 acres
</font color> This facility contains play equipment and swings.

Aljen Heights – 17 Aljen Avenue, Ledyard – 5.22 acres
</font color> This facility contains one baseball field, a play area and is used for soccer.

Ledyard Fairgrounds– Ledyard Center, Ledyard
</font color> The Fairgrounds are used for the annual Ledyard Fair and Town special events. It contains the Holdridge Pavilion, a horse rink, an open barn and open space.

Erickson Property – Military Highway, Gales Ferry – 2.8 acres
</font color> This facility has a walking trail, picnic tables and benches along the cove.

Board of Education Facilities</font color>
Middle School – Junction Routes 214 and 12, Gales Ferry
Ledyard High School – Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard
Gallup Hill School – Gallup Hill Road/Town Farm Road, Ledyard
Juliet Long School and Gales Ferry School (new) – Junction Routes 214 and 12, Gales Ferry

Model Park – Model Park Road, Ledyard - .75 acres
</font color> This facility contains swings, a playground set and picnic tables.